Be Legendary (Orthogonal Arts)

Orthogonal Arts is a pop-up performance collective dedicated to maintaining the tradition of creative and offbeat theater in Maine.  Our core team remains constant and earthbound, handling applications, logistics, and equipment, while our artistic staff varies from project to project, bringing the air, fire, and water as required.  

Recent Shows:

“A Man Clams Up” received the #thisisfringe and #DIYGreatness awards from the Portland Maine Portfringe Festival.  Check out the reviews





  1. It’s a fair point; we do require writers to make slightly more effort than other markets.

    However, two thoughts:

    1.) Do you complain to the hosts of a Halloween party because other parties don’t ask you to wear a costume? We’re well aware we’re trying something different; if our submissions inbox is any sign though, most people seem willing to roll with it. Some of them even seem to be having fun.

    2.) Your letter (which really was quite thoughtful and polite, thanks for that) was over 400 words, about five minutes or so for a fast typist. In that same amount of time I created you an anonymous gmail account that forwards to the email you used to post. The forwarding confirmation should be in your inbox now; I’ll send you the password shortly, after which you can change it and it’s yours for keeps. It really is that simple.

    We’re still open for a couple of days (until 2/13) and I very much hope you’ll choose to submit.


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