Be Legendary. Reopening to submissions October 2017

Orthogonal will re-open  from October 1 to October 31st for volume 4.  More information forthcoming on Facebook and Twitter in the coming months.


  1. Hi, This will not be popular, but I’ll blunder ahead with it anyway. I was eager to submit here, because I had 3-4 flash fiction stories that would fit the “code” or “crime” themes. In the end, I didn’t submit anything for the simple reason that I would have had to jump through hoops to do so by either finding someone else to send the story, changing my e-mail address or getting a different one, and so on. I DO understand the anonymity factor in general, because I too maintain anonymity to a VERY large degree, and I SO agree with you on not setting seasick sail on Facebook in a billion-sided conversation or where the itch of every little mosquito bite gets detailed in an “e-mail all” hit list of some kind. But that love and respect for anonymity should not extend to the degree that it makes a problem for a writer to submit a story.DO you know my name? I’ve had about 70–80 paid publication credits for short stories, including a healthful fistful of them that paid pro rates, so MAYBE you’ve come across my name somewhere or maybe not, but SO WHAT? You’re an editor; wear the editor hat. If you know how to be an editor, you’ll know how to judge the relative merits of a story. If you do, and you think the story is crap, have the integrity to say so, regardless of whether you know who the author is or not. Or if you’re not really an editor, but you are an discerning and intelligent reader, then you can read a story and say if you like it or not, and reject it if you don’t. Anonymity? Yes, I’m for it and don’t even take part in social networking sites, (and the name in my e-mail address isn’t even the one I use as a byline in stories), but in submitting a story, it’s just the writer and the editor (and maybe any staff the editor may have). Stripping identifying information from the story doc itself? Sure, it’s done all the time, but telling a writer they can’t even use their own e-mail address to submit to you, because the e-mail address MAY identify them in some way if they’ve seen it somewhere before? Come on! I’m not trying to cause offense with this “rant” of mine here, only maybe generate some thought on the issue.

    • It’s a fair point; we do require writers to make slightly more effort than other markets.

      However, two thoughts:

      1.) Do you complain to the hosts of a Halloween party because other parties don’t ask you to wear a costume? We’re well aware we’re trying something different; if our submissions inbox is any sign though, most people seem willing to roll with it. Some of them even seem to be having fun.

      2.) Your letter (which really was quite thoughtful and polite, thanks for that) was over 400 words, about five minutes or so for a fast typist. In that same amount of time I created you an anonymous gmail account that forwards to the email you used to post. The forwarding confirmation should be in your inbox now; I’ll send you the password shortly, after which you can change it and it’s yours for keeps. It really is that simple.

      We’re still open for a couple of days (until 2/13) and I very much hope you’ll choose to submit.


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